The Great German Nation: Origins and Destiny Craig, M. White

ISBN: 9781434325495

Published: September 11th 2007


312 pages


The Great German Nation: Origins and Destiny  by  Craig, M. White

The Great German Nation: Origins and Destiny by Craig, M. White
September 11th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 312 pages | ISBN: 9781434325495 | 6.63 Mb

Who exactly are the Germans? From which ancestor of Noah do they descend? Might their roots be found in the ancient Middle East? Does the Bible - Gods precious Word - have anything to say with regard to the very talented German peoples and their ancient roots?

Or does God ignore major nations such as Germany in His Word? These fascinating and highly talented people have been central to world history. Notice a chilling comment in an article on Russia by Peter Zeihan: ...

history really does run in cycles. Take Europe for example. European history is a chronicle of the rise and fall of its geographic center. As Germany rises, the powers on its periphery buckle under its strength and are forced to pool resources in order to beat back Berlin. As Germany falters, the power vacuum at the middle of the Continent allows the countries on Germanys borders to rise in strength and become major powers themselves.

Since the formation of the first Germany in 800, this cycle has set the tempo and tenor of European affairs. A strong Germany means consolidation followed by a catastrophic war- a weak Germany creates a multilateral concert of powers and multistate competition (often involving war, but not on nearly as large a scale). For Europe this cycle of German rise and fall has run its course three times -- the Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany -- and is only now entering its fourth iteration with the reunified Germany.

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